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On January 1, 1998, Louisiana implemented a graduated licensing program. It is known as the R.Y.A.N ACT (Reduce Youth Accidents Now) and was named for a fifteen year old, Ryan Lee,who lost his life in a traffic accident a few short months after being licensed. Remember, if you are a minor making application for a license, a custodial or domiciliary parent, tutor or legal guardian must accompany you and present his/her own identification, sign your application and provide proof that the vehicle to be used for the road skills (driving) test is insured
1. Minimum fifteen (15) years of age.
·  Must complete a 38 hour driver
   education course, be enrolled  in school or 
   a homeschool program or have a  diploma,
   and be  placed in at least  the 8th
   grade.  ·       
.  15, 16 & yrs old may only apply for a Learners Permit ·        
.   Must pass visual exam (20/40 or better with or without corrective  lenses)
 · Must pass State's knowledge, signs
   and signals test (80% to pass)·  May use with   
   licensed 21 year old or
   licensed 18 year old sibling (training
   with a licensed sibling under 21
   may not count toward 50 hours-see
 · Must be maintained for at least 180
   days, unless prior to such time the
   driver reaches seventeen , prior to being converted to an intermediate license.
 Stage 2: Intermediate License (IM, OMV  Code 61)
 Must be enrolled in school or homeschooled
·  Must be 16 years old to apply
·  Must have had learner's permit 
    at least 180 days prior
·  Parent must sign affidavit 
   applicant has practiced at least 50 hours with licensed 21 yr old or older, of which 15 hrs must be
·  Must pass an on-road driving test
   provided by a 3rd part-tester or the
   State Office of Motor Vehicles
   (typically known as DMV)
·  6 pm until 5 am: No more than one
   (1) non-family member under the
    age of 21 yrs old in the vehicle ·  11  pm until 5 am: Curfew law time
   (only while under 17, unless
   accompanied by a licensed 21yr old
   or licenses 18 yr old sibling)·          
~Must have demonstrated ac free, except in cases where not at
  fault *
~Must have no convictions for 
  moving violations *
~Received no convictions for ~violations of the seat
  belt law 
~Received no violations of the curfew
  laws (see above) * 
~Received no violations for any laws
   pertaining to drug and alcohol   
~These underlined must be for at
  least 12 months *         
Must not place the vehicle in motion
  unless all occupants are restrained 
~The DMV may expand the term of
  the intermediate license if necessary
   * *
Contingent advancements. Violation of laws would delay advancement to the next licensing level. Advancement is contingent on having a violation-free driving record.
Stage 3 (Full License)
Must be 17 years of age and have  a high  school diploma or be enrolled in  a program leading to a diploma.  See details on our home page!
You must obtain a TIP from the DMV PRIOR to taking any type of drivers education class!