The Learning Curve Driving School - Policies and pricing - Leesville, LA
The Learning Curve, PDI - Safety Is No Accident!!!
Pricing and Policies

We follow all regulations issued by the Office of Motor Vehicles (Title 55)
We are required to keep records for 5 years.
If you need a copy of a document that you have lost there will be a $15.00 administration fee to obtain copies.

The driving component price reflects a discount for individuals who complete both requirements of classroom instruction and the driving instruction with the Learning Curve Driving School.
38 hour Dr Ed for 15-17 yr olds
Classroom instruction$300.00
 Driving component: $150.00
Total $450.00

Adults (18 and above)
Classroom component (6 hours) $200.00
Driving component (8 hours) $175.00 
Total $375.00

In order to begin the driving portion, applicant must have a certificate of completion for the 30 hours of classroom instruction from a certified, State approved, provider.

A $50.00 increase in price is added to each component when not not taken as a unit with the Learning Curve.

Roadtests are $40.00 for each time given.

Private driving lessons are available at $45.00 per hour. You must have a valid permit to receive private lessons.