The Learning Curve Driving School - Parents: What to do next! - Leesville, LA
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Once your child has completed the 38 hour Drivers Education class you will be ready to apply for either a learner's permit or, if the child is 17 and READY, a full license.  YOU WILL NEED SEVERAL DOCUMENTS TO TAKE WITH YOU TO THE DMV:

A Certificate of Completion provided to you from us that verifies completing the required Driver's Ed course.  The white copy goes to the DMV.  The yellow copy is for your insurance company.

A sealed envelope that contains the student's written test.  This can only be opened by the DMV!!!
A sealed copy of a road skills test. This only applies to students who are 17 or older.

A Student Enrollment form from the school your child attends or proof that he/she is enrolled in an equivalent program.

A certified copy of a birth certificate.

A Social Security card for the applicant.

Proof of residency

BUT WAIT!!!!!  It's not over>>>>Driver's Ed is just the beginning. Your student will be expected to continue practicing with your supervision for at least 55 hours before advancing to the  next level of an intermediate license. To help you do this the state has partnered with a wonderful website designed to help you.
This site will give you all kinds of advice and plans to help your child become a great driver.

Be patient and remember you were once a new driver too.