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We are Louisiana certified and approved through the OMV to offer driving instruction for those who are 18 and older (Pre-licensing)  as well as driving school for students who are 15-17 .( You may begin class at 14 years 9 months but the driving component can not start untill the age of 15)
       Ready to get your license ?
   If you meet the age requirements by the first day of class :  
  You can get driving instruction here!!!!
(We are not affiliated with the public school system and this course will not result in any school credits. We do not guarantee completion of any courses will result in obtainng a Louisiana driver's license. Our students are well prepaired, but it is up to the student to study and practice to pass any State requirements. Students with disabilities that may impact their ability to drive will be referred to adaptive evaluators to ensure the safety of the applicant and general public.)
Pre-licensing Requirements: As of August 1, 2012
YOU MUST BE at least 18 years old and intend to obtain a Louisiana State license. Call today for more information! The class is a 14 hour class(includes 8 hours behind the wheel instruction and 6 hours classroom instruction) at a total cost of $375.00. Total payment due on first day of class.  Behind the wheel instruction is mandated!. Driving Times will be scheduled on an individual basis and will depend on availability of instructors. Call: 238-8286. Leave your name and number: WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL!!!
38 hour Driving Instruction for individuals who are 15-17 :
This course includes 30 hours of classroom instruction that addresses all required components of the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. Upon successfull completion of the classroom component, the student will receive 8 hours of behind the wheel instruction.
 Class size is limited. Cost is $450.00
Upon successful completion and fulfillment of all 38 hours of instruction, the participant will receive a Certificate of Instruction which can be presented at the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for an age appropriate, valid permit or license.