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38 hours Drivers Ed
Teens 15 to 17
Price: $450.00

We are dedicated, life long learners! The Learning Curve, PDI, is owned and operated by certified educational diagnosticians with a combination of 60+ years of experience. We recognize the potential in all learners. We respect the special needs each of us have and strive to recognize your unique strengths. .
EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 16, 2013,  A  NEW PREREQUISITE WILL BE ADDED TO  THE DRIVER'S LICENSE ISSUANCE PROCESS FOR ALL MINOR APPLICANTS.  R.S. 32:431.1 requires all minor applicants to present proof that he has either received  a diploma or is currently enrolled in a high school program.  The law states:
You must have:
a)Received a  high  school diploma  or equivalency  diploma or:
b) Be enrolled and attending a school as defined herein or:
c) Enrolled  and  attending a  course leading to a high school equivalency diploma or:
d) Completed the  required minimum units of credit for  high school graduation and all  other graduation  requirements as mandated by  the State Board of  Elementary and Secondary Education but has failed to pass the high school graduation exit exam. or:
e)  Received a special education certificate of achievement certifying that the student has completed high school or:
f)  Enrolled in and participating  in a home school program. or:
g)Requested and received a decision by the appropriate authority that  the minor is unable to attend any school  program due to circumstances  beyond the control  of  the minor and deemed acceptable as provided  in this section.
THE LA. DEPT. OF EDUCATION has developed the form and disseminated it to all schools. You will need to get a "student enrollment form" from your  school office within 5 days of going to the OMV. The OMV can't help you  unless you give them this form.
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 Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles Approved 
 Driving   Instruction!!!
 Pre-licensing :

Driver's Education class(38 hrs)
318 Alexandria Hwy
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